The Eagles have several needs in this draft that they need to address including CB, WR, DE, RB, LB, and DT.  With all of these holes that the Eagles have on both sides of the football, Howie Roseman and Joe Douglas cannot afford to miss on their first round pick.  If the years of Marcus Smith, Danny Watkins, and Nelson Agholor are truly behind us, then the Eagles need to avoid these 5 players on Thursday night.

1. Jabrill Peppers LB/S 

Jabrill Peppers is a special talent coming out of Michigan that truly did it all for Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines.  Peppers returned kicks, punts, ran the wildcat, blitzed, covered slots, covered TE’s and even played FS.  As soon as I heard the name Jabrill Peppers floating around the first round, it made me think of a player that was projected at a similar draft spot just one draft ago.  He played both RB and LB for UCLA Bruins and was a tremendous athlete able to do so many things.  That player was Myles Jack.  Jack suffered a torn meniscus which hurt his draft stock, but if healthy he was on his way to being a mid 1st round draft pick.  Why do I bring up Myles Jack?  Because Myles Jack totaled only 18 tackles and 0.5 sacks this season for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  If Myles Jack taught us anything, it was that these type of players can struggle in the NFL. If Peppers is there at 14 (which he should be) the Eagles cannot afford to risk their pick on a player who does not have a set position and only tallied 1 interception in his 3 seasons at Michigan.

  2. OJ Howard TE

OJ Howard is one of the best TE prospects that I have seen come out for the draft in a long time.  He has tremendous hands and speed when he is delivered the football and has the ability to pancake opposing DE’s in the run game.  Since 2010, only 3 TE’s have been drafted in the 1st round of the NFL Draft.  These three players include Jermaine Gresham, Tyler Eifert and Eric Ebron.  All of these TE’s are solid names but are they really worth it at a spot like 14 with so many other players available that fit your needs?  The Eagles need to address the TE position soon but right now they have 3 TE’s that can play in Ertz, Celek, and Burton.  The addition of OJ Howard would be move the Eagles are making one year too early.

  3. Dalvin Cook RB

The Dalvin Cook train heading towards Philly has slowed down since the season ended because of his problems off the field and also his recurring shoulder problem.  Todd McShay was on 97.5 The Fanatic this morning and said that his list of off the field problems for Dalvin Cook is “1 full page long.”  There is also a belief around the league that a RB in the 1st round is a risk not many are willing to take.  Cook has that explosion that we have not seen at RB since LeSean McCoy was traded, but it might be tough for Dalvin to fit into the young locker room that Philly has.  With all of Cook’s problems and him also being a part of a rather deep RB class, Cook should not be the pick for the birds at 14.

      4. Any Offensive Lineman 

This offensive line class is one of the weakest I have seen in the last couple years especially considering the fact that in 2013, three out of the first four picks were O-linemen.  I am not saying that Ryan Ramczyk, Forrest Lamp, Cam Robinson, and Dion Dawkins will not be good NFL players, but they are too much of a risk at pick 14.  This is not a desperate position of need for the Eagles as they re-signed Wisniewski and added Chance Warmack from the Titans to an already cluttered position group.  The Eagles would be wise to just wait until next year to fill up on offensive linemen through the draft when there are less overall holes for the Eagles to fill.

  5. CB Kevin King

Every year it seems like there is one player that has all the measurements, all the speed, all the tools to be the next incredible football player, but ends up as an utter disappointment.  Unfortunately,  I see this in Kevin King.  Kevin King has Richard Sherman-like height and also very similar ball skills.  However, King guarded opposing team’s secondary receiving threat while Sidney Jones guarded the team’s number one a majority of the time.  King also had the pleasure of having 1st round prospect Budda Baker behind him in case King was beat deep.  Kevin King has flown up mock drafter’s boards and it is looking likely that he will fall in the middle of the first round.  If I am Howie Roseman however, I look at Marlon Humphrey, Tre’ White, or Gareon Conley as more viable options than King.