The Eagles decided that it was necessary to let go of one of their young defensive lineman this off-season in Bennie Logan.  Logan was an Eagle all of his career since being drafted in the 3rd round of the 2013 draft out of LSU.  After the Eagles and Bennie could not agree on a price, Bennie decided to move out to Kansas City with ex-eagles coach Andy Reid on a 1 year prove-it type deal (One that the eagles used on Alshon Jeffery) for 8 million dollars.

So it was time for Howie Roseman to make a decision on how he would fill yet another hole on this Eagles football team.  The current DTs on the team other than Fletcher Cox include: Beau Allen (5 career starts), Destiny Vaeao (0 career starts), and that’s about it.

Roseman decided that there are simply too many other holes needed to fill through the draft, so he needed to find a “band-aid” of a Defensive Lineman either through trade or a small free agency signing.

Well, what a “band-aid” he found in Timmy Jernigan.

Jernigan was the starting DT for the Baltimore Ravens next to Brandon Williams.  With a plethora of young Defensive Line talent in Baltimore, GM Ozzie Newsome was looking to unload the 24-year-old Jernigan who is on the last year of his contract for the 2017-2018 season.  Jernigan is coming off a season in which he compiled 31 tackles and 5 sacks.  Jernigan has collected 13 sacks in 3 years with the Baltimore Ravens.

The Eagles in return for the young DT, swapped 3rd round picks with the Ravens in the 2017 NFL Draft in just a couple of weeks.  So the Eagles dropped 25 spots in the 3rd round for arguable one of the better young DT prospects in the league.  A true fleecing by Howie Roseman.  Jernigan also has ties to Joe Douglas who the Eagles brought in to aid Howie Roseman through drafting and FA moves.

The Eagles found their new starting DT of the future, but also still have 7 picks in the draft which was vital for the Eagles who still have needs at RB, WR, CB, LB, and DE.

When asked about how playing with Fletcher Cox would help Jernigan at his introductory presser, Jernigan said “I mean, he’s a dog. People are gonna double him, he’s going to cause attention. And when you get attention and you get double teamed, you’re free on the other side. I’m pretty confident that I can win one-on-ones. I’m confident that I can beat two people sometimes. I think we’re going to complement each other.”

At just 24 years old and being a 4 year veteran out of Florida State, Roseman has found an even better player to pair up with Fletcher Cox to make the Eagles front 7 a dominant piece for years to come.